Wednesday Snippets

270930_520274481346605_1319797364_nI’m trying to become more organized so I’m setting some posts to come up on a Wednesday, not sure how this works so it might go horribly wrong. I guess I’ll know Wednesday lol oh the joys of technology. Tomorrow I’m taking part in the Holiday Hop with Evernight so if this doesn’t work, you’ll be getting an update then.

He watched her reflection in the bar mirror. She apologised and reached for her phone. “Hello?”

Alex deliberately pitched his voice lower, knowing that it would create goose bumps. It wasn’t the first time he’d unleashed the voice, the one that made woman tremble. “I don’t think I took the opportunity to say that you look incredibly sexy in those clothes. It’s completely wasted on your date, though.”

He liked the way her mouth opened. His forwardness was taking her by surprise. “Auntie Dawn, what’s wrong?”

“Damn, that guy you’re with is seriously dull. I’m fighting the urge to yawn from here. Why you haven’t fallen asleep yet, I don’t


He caught a glimpse of a smile before it quickly vanished. “Oh dear, is he going to be all right?”

Alex bit his lip, trying to kill the urge to laugh. “I want to have my wicked way with you. I wonder if you taste as good as you look.”

Nola’s face goes red and she quickly scrambles to her feet, picking up her bag in one swift movement. “I’m so sorry. Tim, but this is a family emergency. I’ll have to call you later. Auntie Dawn, I’ll be right there.” She closed the phone with a click and Alex quickly finished his drink. There wasn’t any way he’d be letting her leave without talking to her first.

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