Midweek Tease

It’s hasn’t been an easy journey for ‘Guitars and Cupcakes’ but after some rewrites it got accepted by Evernight and gets released this month. I hope you enjoy the tease.

MWTease15Seeing her teeth sink into the rich oatmeal cookie and hearing her moan of enjoyment felt like a physical punch to the gut. An ache of need traveled through his body. He’d never made a woman moan without even touching her before. Crumbs rested on her bottom lip, and she flicked out her tongue. This time Clayton bit back his own moan. Damn, the sight of her tongue made his cock hard, made him want to take her into his arms and taste her lips. “This is really good. Well done.”

“Thanks.” She hadn’t managed to get all of the crumbs, and Clayton reached out. Lily froze as he brushed his thumb against the corner of her lips. A gasp escaped her but she didn’t pull away, and Clayton didn’t move, except to cup her cheek. Her pale, smooth skin was unbelievably soft, and her green eyes went wide as he lowered his head and brushed his lips against hers.

“Clayton,” she whispered as he felt her hands on his arms. She didn’t push him away.

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