Sexy Snippets

It’s certainly been a while since I’ve done one of these so I’m jumping in with both feet. (metaphor might not work here.) remember to check out the other snippets. I’m sure you’ll find something to tease and inspire.

Tasha muttered underneath her breath, grabbed her by the shoulders and gently pushed her out of the way. “I’m sorry about her, sometimes she goes into these catatonic states. It’s best to ignore it. She’ll come back in a second.”

Chloe’s cheeks burnt like something fierce. I’m such an idiot. Why the hell does this keep happening to me? It’s worse with him as well. He certainly isn’t the only attractive guy who comes into work. So why doesn’t my brain go into melt down whenever he’s in speaking distance? “I’m Chloe.” She blurted the words out as she gestured at her name badge.

His eyebrow cocked slightly, the effect had a devastating effect on her hormones. “I know. I was just surprised that she called you George.”

“It’s her middle name.” Tasha filled it when it must have become apparent that Chloe had lost the ability to speak yet again. “There is another Chloe who works in the clothing section. We didn’t want to get them confused so we usually go by the nickname. It annoys the hell out of her.”

“And yet you still do it.”

“I tease because I love.” Tasha replied good-naturedly.

“Looks like we have something in common.” Chloe glanced up in surprise at the words that sent desire shooting down her spine and at the man who smiled at her. He might have been agreeing with Tasha but his gaze hadn’t shifted from her.

Oh boy.



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