Tantalizing Tuesday Tease


It’s Tuesday and today I’m offering something a little different. Enjoy.

Tom went down into a forward facing dog, or whatever the pretty yoga instructor had called it. Whatever the hell it was it hurt. It had to be some sort of karmic punishment for coming in here in the first place. A sea of women, not a man in sight. It was easy pickings. There had been a few smirks that he chose to ignore when he entered. It quickly became a distinct possibility that he hadn’t been the first man to try out the approach.

Yoga, how hard could it be? It was a lot of humming, wasn’t it?

Damn, he didn’t know bugger all. It had to have been created by a sadist. Every muscle hurt. Tom let out a breath he’d been holding and nearly lost his balance.

“Are you okay?”

He tried to glance up but jarring pain stopped him short. Instead he studied the toenails of the yoga girl, Emily. The light in the studio made the pink shimmer. “Pretty.”

“Excuse me?”

Oh crap, had he said that out loud? He coughed. “I think the blood is rushing to my head.” His legs started to shake and he collapsed face first into the mat. The crowd of women burst into cheers and he got the impression he’d ended up exactly how they thought he would.

“Well he lasted longer than the other guy.” An elderly lady who had to be pushing sixty spoke up.

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#sexysnippet from The Tip of the Fang #vampires

Today we’ve got a snippet from my latest wip.

Then he bit her. She cried out but it wasn’t in pain. Her body quivered as it released. The smell of her pleasure filled his senses and he rubbed himself against the crux of her legs. His own pleasure rising as blood filled his mouth and he swallowed. She tasted so good.

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Sunday Snippet


Jonah laced his fingers together and stretched them about his head. The muscles in his shoulders popped and he groaned. Damn, he really couldn’t sit in the same spot for hours on end without every body part hating him with a vengeance.

He removed his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose. The words had blurred together about an hour ago. The files needed to be read through, signed and handed off to the courier at twelve. It would have been easier to print the pages off and Jonah would have done that, if he wasn’t working with a limited amount of printer ink. He’d spent months putting the contract together for the company merger between Murdock and Hall. It needed to be ironclad.

Jonah got to his feet and half stumbled to the kitchen until his muscles warmed up. With one hand he pulled his tie loose and placed it on the counter. He switched the kettle on and worked on unbuttoning his shirt. He threw it onto the back of a chair and went about making a cup of coffee. The cool air in the apartment caressed his skin, and left goosebumps in its wake. Jonah didn’t feel it, too tired to take much notice. He poured in some milk and returned it back to the fridge.

He unbuttoned his trousers and as they fell to his feet he kicked them off.

The suit he’d be wearing for the day had been dropped off by the cleaners and he’d need a shower before he got dressed. He picked up the streaming hot cup and walked to the window. New York wasn’t even awake yet.

“You didn’t come to bed.”

He glanced over his shoulder to see her. She stood in the doorway, red hair tumbled in waves against her shoulders. The sheet she held against her chest left her shoulders bare and only highlighted her curves. Jonah glanced back out of the window. “I’m sorry, the night got away from me.” She moved so silently that Jonah didn’t register her closeness until her arm came around his waist. She rested her cheek against his back.

“I’m glad it’s nearly finished.”


Backlist Tease

Guarding MariIt’s another Backlist Tease day. Today we’ve got Guarding Mari. I figured that since it’s the ‘sequel’ to Saving Kat it would be a good place to start. I’ve been working on William and Jesse’s story but those characters have been a complete pain. I blame William. Anyway if Saving Kat was about making a hard decision to save someone you love. Guarding Mari is about finding your mate only to have to let them go again. Also thrown in a serial killer rogue and you’ve got a story I worked hard on.

Three years is a long time to be away from your mate.
Mari was a doctor before she was infected with the werewolf virus, a target of a deranged serial killer. The night held one bright moment. She met Daniel Greyborn, the other half of her soul. But she’s been living a half-life away from him.
Daniel wants a lifetime with his mate.
Daniel made a difficult decision when he left Mari with the Black Paw Pack. When he finds a body on his compound, he knows that Ryback is back and it’s time to finish what happened three years ago and reclaim his soul.
Are they about to underestimate a killer?

Genre: Paranormal, contemporary romance, shapeshifters, suspense/thriller, urban fantasy

Heat level: 3
Word count – 24k

Cover art by Lacey Savage


Dammit. If he left her he might as well sign her death certificate himself. The rogue wouldn’t be getting far. He’d been hit with a car, had his guts on the wrong side of his body, and now a well-placed pen pierced his eye. His body needed time to heal that much damage. Internal wounds took longer to heal, if at all.

Crouching next to her, he searched for her pulse at her throat. “Can you hear me?”

The doctor’s eyes fluttered open, a pale grey that looked unfocused. Daniel tried his best to ignore the sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. A growing pool of blood spread out beneath her. There hadn’t been a weapon, but the rogue used something to gut her, a claw?

“It hurts.” She whimpered.

“Did he have a knife?” A pointless question, but he had to be sure.

“He punched a hole through Malcolm’s chest with his bare hands.” It obviously took her a lot of effort to push out the words. “He doesn’t need a weapon.” Her eyes fluttered shut again.

“Wake up.” The words came out harsher than he wanted, but falling asleep right now was the worst thing she could do. She opened her eyes. “Can you tell me your name?”


“Okay, Mari. This is going to hurt, but I need to pick you up and carry you upstairs.” The doctor nodded and bit her bottom lip as he lifted her. “It’ll be okay. I just need you to hold on.”

“I’m not making any promises.”

Daniel cradled her against his chest, not worried about the blood that seeped into his clothes. No, Ryback wouldn’t have her as well.

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Backlist Tease

SavingKat_smallHe took a few steps toward her. and she stopped herself from reaching out and holding him. touching him would destroy the playful friendship they had, and bring to the surface the reason for the underlying tension between them, at least for her. the pretending would stop, and in her mind, it only ended one way, with her leaving the pack she  loved.

she didn’t want to go but it would be easier than facing the fact she liked a shifter. Witches didn’t have relationships with wolves, well some might. but the wolves they loved were lower in the pack hierarchy, not Alphas. A relationship between them would be impossible. and she no clue if he felt the same way. why risk everything she knew and loved on a girlish crush?

Saving Kat

The Black Paw Pack #1

Adam Reece, Alpha of the Black Paw Pack, follows all the rules but he can’t resist teasing Katherine Moon. Pack law frowns on wolves and witches mating so the resident Earth Witch has become his friend and confidant, nothing more.

Life is good. Kat’s blessed by the Goddess who connects her to the earth and the wolf pack she watches over, even the Alpha who only seems happy when he’s pestering her. But she wants more—namely the forbidden attention of a certain steadfast Alpha with a boyish grin. Too bad crossing that line isn’t an option.

When a tragic accident threatens to steal her from him forever, Adam must make the hard decision—save Kat or lose her forever, even if she never forgives him.

Genre: Paranormal romance, fantasy, shapeshifters/werewolves

Heat level: 2
Word count – 14k

Available where eBooks are sold.