Tantalizing Tuesday Tease


It’s Tuesday and today I’m offering something a little different. Enjoy.

Tom went down into a forward facing dog, or whatever the pretty yoga instructor had called it. Whatever the hell it was it hurt. It had to be some sort of karmic punishment for coming in here in the first place. A sea of women, not a man in sight. It was easy pickings. There had been a few smirks that he chose to ignore when he entered. It quickly became a distinct possibility that he hadn’t been the first man to try out the approach.

Yoga, how hard could it be? It was a lot of humming, wasn’t it?

Damn, he didn’t know bugger all. It had to have been created by a sadist. Every muscle hurt. Tom let out a breath he’d been holding and nearly lost his balance.

“Are you okay?”

He tried to glance up but jarring pain stopped him short. Instead he studied the toenails of the yoga girl, Emily. The light in the studio made the pink shimmer. “Pretty.”

“Excuse me?”

Oh crap, had he said that out loud? He coughed. “I think the blood is rushing to my head.” His legs started to shake and he collapsed face first into the mat. The crowd of women burst into cheers and he got the impression he’d ended up exactly how they thought he would.

“Well he lasted longer than the other guy.” An elderly lady who had to be pushing sixty spoke up.

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3 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesday Tease

  1. Ella, that was so charming! There were so many elements in this shortie, they were so entertaining. I loved this teaser and anyone that has tried yoga knows, the pickings are in way better shape and not the least bit easy!! xo

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