Tantalizing Tuesday Tease

Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening

It’s that time again. A bunch of talented writers get together and write 200 words to a picture of their choosing. I was scouring pinterest for mine and found this one. 9c56beb03adfd0719ee7ac8f5c8bb089https://www.pinterest.com/pin/523825000382874523/

Sophia glanced up to see that Tom stood in front of her. A slight smile curved his lips. His eyes dark and unreadable. She opened her mouth but no words came out. What could she say? Tom nodded at her, like he could read her inner turmoil and maybe he could. Sophia had always had a terrible poker face. He offered his hand and she slipped hers into it.

With one smooth motion she was in his arms. His hand rested on the small of her back. Heat radiated from that tiny spot. The barest of touches sent a wave of awareness through her. He found her other hand and held that too. His grip secure but loose. Sophia curled against him, her chin on his shoulder. She’d always loved how they fitted toward, like two pieces of a puzzle. They didn’t even need words. There was nothing that could be said so she let herself enjoy the moment. However bittersweet it was. Tom took the first step. The gravel barely made a sound as they started to move around it. 

They were saying goodbye.

And it broke her heart.

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#SexySnippet: Tip of the Fang

Hey guys it’s that time again. A group of writers get together and post seven snippets from their latest WIPS Mine is from Tip of the Fang. Enjoy.

She couldn’t have been the only one who felt the electricity between them. It couldn’t all be one sided. Emily leaned a little closer and Henri’s gaze darken. The slightest pressure on her arm made her glance down. His fingers danced along her skin and sent a wave of awareness through her.

“Aren’t you tired of fighting whatever this is?” It took her a lot to say it. She never chased a guy but she wanted Henri. God, she wanted him so much it hurt.

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