Tantalizing Tuesday: Her Men


Every Tuesday, some awesome writers get together to tantalize, tease and tempt. We each pick a picture and write 200 words about it.

She leaned into his kiss. The bristles on his chin tickled her and she moaned as he claimed her lips. He cupped her chin and laced his fingers into her hair. James traced his lips against her neck and a shiver travelled through her. This was what it felt like to be the centre of attention? To have two men that wanted her desperately. She’d never felt so desired. She was the girl that faded into the background. The one that nobody saw. The one that nobody needed until they wanted something from her. Nobody would believe that sweet and innocent Ruby had disappeared with not one but two men.

James touched her waist. The slight pressure had her turning in his arms, her back pressed against his front. He moved his hands higher until he cupped her breasts. “God, you’re beautiful.” He whispered the words against the curve of her ear. “Just seeing you sitting at the bar, that drink in your hand with the straw poised at your lips. The naughty thoughts that raced through my mind.”

Stefan broke his tender torture on her lips and she let him tug her dress up as he dropped to his knees. “There will be plenty of time for that. There is something that I want more.” She blushed as her panties came into view and Stefan moaned.

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