Tuesday Tease



image borrowed from Pinterest and original was found on Bookshelf Porn.

I’ve been playing with the idea of writing a sequel to my free story The Dare Encounters: Chance.

Jessica balanced the books on one hand and retrieved the book that rested on the top. People might have thought that her job as a librarian was boring but she enjoyed it. She liked order and the gentle hum of activity. The click of fingers on keyboards. Books being opened and closed. It was home.

There was a level of comfort in that. A sureness. The night she’d spent with Ben went against everything she believed in. Sure she wanted excitement but she wanted more than that. Something that Ben hadn’t offered.

She walked down another stack and placed the remainer books into their slots. She still needed to have a look at the online catalogue to see if the update had finished.

A hand on her wrist turned her around and she glanced up in surprise. Ben smiled down at her. His green eyes were filled with concern. “You didn’t message me this morning.”

Her mouth went dry. He actually came to see her? “I just thought…”

He raised her hands and pushed her gently against the bookcase. “You think too much.” He whispered the words and Jessica shivered as he lowered his head and kissed her.

Oh boy…




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