Tantalizing Tuesday Tease

It has been a very long week but I managed to get a tease together from my current wip. After week a group of writers get together, find a picture and write 200 words about it. Make sure to visit everyone else on the list. There’s a little bit for everyone.



Heather suddenly forgot how to breathe. Tom stood with his back towards her but he couldn’t know that she was there. Heather didn’t make a sound when she moved, her socks on the wooden floorboards. He raised the front of his white vest top up and wiped his face. The back of it went up and revealed a back toned and tanned. Oh boy. It was a stupid idea to ask him to fix other parts of the house. It all could have waited for Fred to sort out after she left and didn’t Heather value her time alone, wasn’t that why she travelled so far away from home?

So why did she call the sexy handyman around? She’d been a bitch to him the other day and she thought he would have laughed down the phone at her. But no, here he was, sweaty and sexy. Heather nipped her bottom lip as he bent over and put something back into the tool box.

“I didn’t hear you.”

Heather had to practically drag her eyes away from his perfectly toned body. Keep your mouth shut Heather, anything that leaves your mouth is going to sound like its scripted from a bad porno film. “ She silently offered the cup in her hand.



6 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesday Tease

  1. You had me hanging in suspense. Then she had the cup. You built the momentum very well. I could imagine how she felt spying on the sexy man, not wanting to be discovered, even at the end. I want to know how both of them reacted . Great Teaser!

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