Tantalizing Tueday Tease: Tied Up

Good afternoon from the UK. Every Tuesday a group of writers pick a picture and write 200 hours about it. This week I will be putting a tease from a WIP up. Make sure that you visit the other teasers. (sorry for the lack of a picture)

Pierce yanked her tights down, ripping them with a speed that thrilled and excited her. She’d never seen him like this, sure he was passionate, driven but he never lost control.
He pinned her hands up above her head and she only had a split second warning as he used the ruined tights to tie her to the beam.
She peered at him through the blonde strands of hair that had escaped her bun. He stepped away from her, studying her with a cool stare. The icy control that he displayed when they danced was back.
He knelt down between her legs. There was no way that she could hide from him, her legs indecently spread. The uni-tard she practiced in clipped together between her legs and two of the buttons had popped. The middle one stayed together but she knew that he could see her, he could see how wet she was.
Pierce didn’t look away from her but she noticed his hand drifting to between her legs. She held herself completely still. He really could do whatever he wanted to her and she wouldn’t be able to stop him.
The last button popped open.