Tantalizing Tuesday Tease

Hey guys it’s been a while. I’m currently working on ‘The Vixen and the Wolf’ a story which currently has an R&R. Lucky I have a group of friends who are helping me get it up to scratch. IMG_0795

The gif was sourced from cinemablend and this sexy man is Captian America 😊 Perfect for the excerpt.


He stalked up to the punching bag and hit it. The bag scuttled across the floor, torn from its hook. Henri sighed and picked up a replacement one, attaching it to the hook. Being a shifter wasn’t just about strength, speed and the power that went with it. It was about control. It was why he spent time in the gym with the bag with the aim not to destroy it. Working as a security guard when many of the people he had to eject were human, he had to make sure they only left with the occasional bruise rather than broken bones.
It didn’t help anyone if he or any of his kind lost their temper.

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