New Book

There are writers out there who can have a book out every month. That idea has always awed me a little. I have maybe two or three books out in a year. It means that any potential fans I might have are left waiting, which means I could lose them. Which sucks. The last story I had out was October time last year. A short story called ‘Across the Stars’. At the time I was a little inspired by Killjoys so it features Bounty Hunters and a badass heroine.

A few weeks ago I did a Teaser Tuesday for ‘The Vixen and the Wolf’  a story I wrote a while ago for another anthology.  It didn’t get accepted but it did get a lot of positive feedback from the editor, so I got an R&R. Then with the help of talented writers Naomi Clark and Ravanna Tate I was able to get it accepted. The word count got expanded by 5k and the bad bits got taken out.

I’m super excited that’ll it will be out in June and is the start of a new series for me.

Here’s the blurb

Tessa Carey doesn’t want to work at the Golden Goose. With a deep fear of crowds and people she’d rather say at home but bills need to be paid and how much trouble can she get in to as a night cleaner?

Henri Tull is the Alpha for the Coldwater Pack. All he wants is to keep his family safe and working legitimate jobs is the way to do that. Then he meets Tessa. At first, she’s a voice on the other side of a radio. Until someone breaks into the Golden Goose and Henri runs to rescue her.

In one night Tessa’s life is changed beyond recognition. The world is a much scarier place than she thought and she can’t let fear rule her life anymore. Not if she wants to survive.

For those who read my work ‘The Coldwater Pack’ is not my first paranormal romance. My first and still one I’m very proud of is ‘Saving Kat’ which is part of my ‘Blackpaw Pack’ a series I wrote for Decadent Publishing. You can check out that one here with the rest of my books.