Tantalizing Tuesday Tease


We’ve all seemed to have taken a hiatus from our teasing but this week we’re back. Every Tuesday a group of writers get to together and post an excerpt from either one of the stories they’re currently writing with a picture. Naomi Shaw suggested that it should be Halloween themed but I really didn’t have anything suitable.

My excerpt comes from my unfinished submission to Evernight Publishing Lawless Anthology which is out this week.

Love with a Bullet

He shrugged. “I really needed you to let me in. If I hadn’t been so near to death I wouldn’t have come here. Blame it on the blood loss.” It sounded harsh but it was the truth. He loved her. Damn she was the only one he’d ever loved.
She moved pass him. “I thought of that. You would really have left me in the dark, wouldn’t you? I would have spent the rest of my life not knowing if you died or not. I just thought that you were a dick. Just leaving in the middle of the night.” Cole followed her, she still wore the shirt and the bottom of it brushed against the curve of her butt. He reached out and grabbed her. He spun her and pushed her against the wall. A gasp escaped her as he claimed her mouth again. He knew that he shouldn’t touch her but he couldn’t help himself. “God, I want you.”
Her hands were back at his jeans. Cole grabbed the sides of her shirt and pulled them apart. Buttons popped and hit the ground. He ignored the pain in his side and grabbed her breasts. Cole flicked her nipples, which were already hard underneath his thumbs.
“Cole.” She whispered his name as he slipped his hand down the waist band of her pants. Smooth skin greeted his questing fingers and there was no mistaking the wetness between her legs.

Please remember to visit the other writers and let us know what you think. Should I finish this story? Or is it best forgotten?

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