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Being Strict

Since becoming a mum I’ve had to become quite strict. I’m still a fun mum, or at least I like to think so. It’s the things that I’ve learnt from becoming a mum that has helped me become a more disciplined writer.

I’ve had to become stricter with myself. I know that to become a better writer I need to be strict. Take tonight for instance I know that I have deadlines to hit. Usually I can be found upstairs in my bedroom writing. There are a lot of distractions upstairs, tv and my other half for instance. SO I picked up my headphones and decided to sit down at the table in the living room. Okay, I can now see outside and it’s pissing down with rain but I’m still more focused. I now just wish that the television behind me would be turned down.

Guess we can’t have everything.

My Life

The Little Monster

I have a son, a little monster who’ll be three in November. I think he’s amazing but I could be biased. In a few months we’ll find out if he’s gotten into the nursery I want him in. He goes every week on a friday and he loves it. He loves playing with other kids and playing in general. His dad put up a tent in the back garden a couple of days ago to air it out and then the monster decided to run circles around it. He’s incredibly activite and is always doing something. Just watching him makes me feel tired but thankfully there are days when he likes to be still. Usually when he has food in front of him or when he’s watching TV.

He’s changing every day and its incredible to watch and help him learn.

My Life

A Lack Of Sleep or Looking on the Bright Side.

I remember what I wrote for my author’s bio two years ago. It mentioned that my life was a huge juggling act and I could survive on little sleep. Wow, how the times have changed. I’m slowly creeping up to being 30, it hardly seems true, I don’t feel like 28, I don’t feel any age really.
The biggest change is the fact I need sleep. I need about eight hours to be able to function like a human being.
Example of my shitty mood. If somebody pisses me off today I’m going to pull off their face and use it like a drum.
I think I was mostly inspired by the ‘zombie’ events happening in the US when I wrote that. The thing is I’m the nicest person usually. I don’t get into fights, I respect others and I’m polite. If I have too little sleep? Well it’s a completely different ballgame. I’m like Linda Blair off of the exocist without the swearing and the 360 degrees head spin. Well, maybe the head spin.

I’ve been busy, busy to the point where I’m not sleeping very well. I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge and then stamped on a few times. So it’s a mixture of just trying to do freelance work, my actual writing and looking after the monster. The monster is now 2 and I’m pretty sure we’ve entered the terrible twos.

His favourite word? No mommy.

The second? Fix it mommy.

The old favourite? What you doing mummy?

I love my son, I think he’s awesome and I wouldn’t change him for all the tea in china. I just wish he had a mute button or he still had afternoon naps. That would be heavenly.

The next thing impairing my sleeping pattern? Well, that would be my back. I’ve found out that it’s a small rupture on one of the discs in my back. It mucks up my sleeping pattern, I can’t randomingly dance whenever I want, it’s had a knock on effect on everything and I really like to dance.

I just have to look on the bright side. The project I’m currently working on is finishing soon. Then I won’t take a project like it again, it’s just too much work for so little reward. Then the steampunk is due the week after, I can’t tell you how happy I am with it. I think that it’s some of my best work. Then I’m off to the pain clinic, because my back isn’t as serious as first thought, though it still hurts like a bitch I don’t have to have surgery on it, which is a bonus.

So I’m going to look on the bright side, because if I don’t. I’d be rocking in the corner and that wouldn’t be helping anyone.

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Discussions with my Dad

I love my dad, it goes without saying. I can talk to him about pretty much anything because we’re on the same wave length. We’re both creative, though in different ways. I write, at the moment he does wooden sculptures, unique spinning tops, and paints. Well my stepmum paints, dad can’t find the time. He’s unemployed, but still can’t find the time to do everything he wants. I no longer have a day job and I never seemed to have enough time either. So you see, me and my dad have a lot in common.

I don’t see him very often, not as much as I like, but he picked me and the monster up this morning and we spent the day with him.

Today we got onto the subject of eBooks and paperbacks. Dad doesn’t read very often, he likes audio books and reading magazines about wood turning. My stepmum loves to read, but even if dad’s got an iPad and an majority of books are available as eBooks. She still prefers paperback. There’s something about the weight of a book in your hand, the smell of paper. It’s a quality that an ereader lacks. It’s like I mentioned in my last post. Filling up your bookshelf, a real one, not a virtual one, is an intensely satisfying experience for me.

Dad, on the other hand, talked about how buying normal magazines just take up space. Where do you put them when you’ve finished reading them? It makes sense, downloading them and saving some trees in the process. Which raises another interesting question. How many would we save if we just download magazines and stopped cutting down trees to make them?