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ROW80 Goals


Decided to try something new. I might be a little late to the party, since Kait Nolan told me it started last week but I’m determined to give it ago. You see that lovely list on my blog? That’s my to-do list. The things I want to accomplish in 80 days.  The first two are givens, unless I want the editor for one, publisher for the other, to hunt me down.

I will be doing weekly updates, which means you’ll be able to see how far I’ve gotten on the list next Thursday.


1. Finish edits for The Dark of the Moon. I have promised my editor that I will have them in by Sunday and in all honesty I’ll be surprised, hell dumb struck if I don’t manage it.

2. Finish rewrite for my steampunk story Wings, I’m a little behind on it.

3. Write ‘The Raven’s Embrace’

4. Plan or at least seriously think about my next self publishing endeavour.

5. Write for a couple of hours every day. (I’ve gotten a lot better at that.)


Update…finished #1