Tantalising Tuesday Teasers #4


It’s Tantalising Tuesday, which means that several talent writers get together, each picking a picture and writing 200 words about it. Here’s mine.

She could see the world passing in a blink of an eye. Mighty buildings crashing into messy heaps of twisted metal and broken glass, littering the road like glass tears. People dying in an instant, a live with one breath and gone with the next, be it by disease, accident or design.
She’d never seen this far ahead before, her talent of foresight usually let her see a few hours into the future but with his strong hand in hers, she saw everything and it terrified her. No-one should have this kind of power, this knowledge.
Lily pulled her hand free and fell to her knees. She rubbed her eyes as if it might help banish the imagines that held her in their grip.
“Are you okay?” Henry knelt down in front of her, his hand went under her chin and he guided her head up. She didn’t fight him; she just met him eye to eye and watched as his face went white. Her tri-coloured eyes were known to have that effect. “What did you see?”
Lily took a deep breath, “The end.”

Follow the link to find some other great teasers.



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