Tantalizing Tuesdays Teaser #3


It’s that time ago. Every Tuesday, several talented writers are known to gather. They each choose a picture that inspires them and write a two hundred word teaser to tantalize, titillate and tease. This week I’ve chosen a witch, specifically to say Faye from a ‘Secret Circle’. I’ve always loved the idea of magic and witches, my first published story was about a fire witch called Molly O’Brien and it’s definitely a genre I’d be interested in writing more for.

There was nothing that matched the feeling of using magic, it was addictive. It resembled electrical current, gently pulsing in time with her heartbeat. A lazy smile curved her lips. It had always been so easy, the magic as much a part of her as breathing. She closed her eyes, drawing the power back into her and pushed it out of her in a control burst.
Heat warmed her face and she opened her eyes. Each witch was naturally drawn to an element, hers had always been fire. None of the other witches in the coven had been surprised when Georgina had come into her element. She was passionate, driven and you pissed her off at your own peril. Everything that fire was.
Over the tall flames of the bonfire she could see her cousin and the High Priestess of the Crescent Moon, staring back at her. Georgina winked and Henrietta, otherwise known as Henri rolled her eyes. Her element was water, the polar opposite of her own element, which meant they would never be good friends. Not that it meant much to her. Georgina had her own friends, her own secret circle.

Come check out the other writers, be warned though they’re going to be hot.



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