Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser #1


She couldn’t stop the tears that streaked down her cheeks. She could taste the bitter salty tears and she wiped them away angrily. She wouldn’t let him see them. She wouldn’t let him see the effect his words were having on her. She’d been weak, foolish for expecting anything from this kind of man. She’d given him her heart. He’d smashed it on the floor and put his heel into it for good measure, scattering the pieces so far that Elsa doubted that she’d see them ever again. That she’d feel anything but this gaping hole in her chest.
She turned on the spot, looking out of the window onto the waterfront. The dark waves were rough, lashing at the walls at the edge of it. A storm was on the horizon. Lightening turned the dark sky, a stark shade of pale blue.
A woman should never love a man like Marcus. He collected hearts like some men collect fine cigarette cases. Elsa had just been a number. Someone he’d picked up and discarded just as quickly. How could she have thought that she could possibly be different? That the words they’d exchanged hinted at more than they actually had.
She reached in her purse and pulled out the gun…


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